Richmond Hill Lodge


50th Year Service

Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698
WBro Ian Ferguson APGM ( Middx ) , WBro Matthew Eaton APGM ( Bucks ), WBro Patrick Gray PJGD , WBro Roy Serle PJGD

Richmond Hill Lodge continued their 75th year with yet another special day with WBro Ian Ferguson PAGStB-APGM and WBro Matthew Eaton PSGD-APGM ( Bucks ) both attending the meeting for the presentation of 50th Service Certificates. Indeed not only did the APGM’s present 50th certificates, they also played an active part in the ceremony of initiation. WBro Ian presenting an Entered Apprentice Apron and WBro Matthew presenting the Charity Colum in the North East corner. Not many Initiates can say they had two APGM’s taking part in their initiation ceremony !!

There followed another special occasion with two Grand Officers and very dear friends being presented with their 50th Year Service Certificates. WBro Patrick Gray PJGD and WBro Roy Serle PJGD. Both had been Initiated, Passed and Raised together in Aquarius Lodge No3113.

WBro Patrick being a member of Richmond Hill Lodge and WBro Roy Serle being a past member now living in Buckingham. It had been agreed for them to be presented with their Certificates together.

WBro Ian Ferguson PAGStB-APGM gave a resume of WBro Patrick’s personal and masonic career congratulating him on all he has achieved not only in his personal life but during his 50 distinguished years in Freemasonry. He then presented WBro Patrick with his certificate and lapel badge.

WBro Matthew Eaton PSGD-APGM ( Bucks ) who was visiting specifically to present WBro Roy Serle with his 50th Year Service Certificate. WBro Matthew proceeded to give a resume of WBro Roy’s long and distinguish career in his personal life serving in the Metropolitan Police, but also of the service he has given to Freemasonry during the past 50 years. He then presented him with his certificate.

WBro Ian Ferguson – APGM, Bro Pratik Patel, WBro Marek Wojcik WM


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