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The Lodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary on Thursday 21st September 2023 at TDMC Cole Court. The members were honoured by the inarguable visit of their Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Ian Ferguson PGStdB with his escort.

The members held an Initiation ceremony for Bro Nicholas Simpson, which was an excellent ceremony carried out by the Worshipful Master, together with the APGM presenting Bro Nick with his Entered Apprentices apron during the ceremony. Bro Nick’s Father, Bro Martin Simpson also became a joining member in support of his Son.

The Lodge also honoured their long-standing Tyler WBro Clive Jarvis PPrSGW who became the Tyler at the Installation Meeting on the 18th April 2001 and the members confered Honorary Membership on WBro Clive for his long-standing service and support given to the lodge over the past 20 years. WBro Clive was welcomed as an Honorary Member by the Worshipful Master.

WBro Peter Geldhill PGStdB was also present at the meeting as representative from the Middlesex Masonic Charity (MMC) and made a presentation of Charity Cheques to the WBro Graham Cooley, The Lodge Charity Steward. These cheques were for the Lodge’s charity donations from the anniversary grant the Lodge had received from the MMC.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master gave a short oration of the history and events to the Lodge:-

The Tribute: Since your consecration on the 20thSeptember 1948, the Lodge has enjoyed the company of 144 members, initiating an incredible 95 new members into our fraternity.  You’ve enjoyed the leadership of some 42 Masters, 56 Wardens, 19 Directors of Ceremonies and 29 Secretaries.

So, what sort of year was 1948? It was the year when King Charles was born, Nationalisation created British Railways, Burma gained its independence, the Olympic Games were held in London, the first games since the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The Co-op opened its first branchand a new sweet had just been launched called Polo.”

W.Bro Ian continued, “You trace your lineage back to 1785 and the Lodge of Harmony No 255.  You were ultimately begat by Richmond Lodge No 2032 which made its own appearance in March of 1884. You were Consecrated at Freemasons Hall and dined at the Connaught Rooms and have met in 3 other centres before coming to your current home at Cole Court on the 21stSeptember 1972. Over the years the Lodge has: Jointly initiated a father and son, initiated an operative Mason, twins, and fathers have invested sons and grandfathers have invested grandsons.

You’ve had and still have many members of public note and civil honours, including a Mayor of the former borough of Twickenham, the piper to the late Queen Elizabeth the Second and my personal favourite, the publican of the Cabbage Patch pub in TwickenhamRichmond Hill has not only been a Lodge of fine Masons, but a lodge of great kindness. Back in 1998 the Chairman of the Festival Committee, W. Bro Dudley Wensley said on his visit that you deserve exceptional praise for your generous contributions to charity, which has never dwindled over your history both before then or after. You have been Grand Patron of the Middlesex Retirement Charity, Royal Masonic Institute for Girls, Royal Masonic Institute for Boys, Royal Masonic Hospital, the Middlesex 1998, 2009 and 2020 festivals and continue to support the Prince Michael of Kent Court”.

The APGM said the Lodge was a shining jewel in the Crown of the Province of Middlesex and that the founders would be proud of these achievements. W.Bro Ian then welcomed the newest member into the Province and said that he would be entering a respected and joyful Lodge whose members for 75 years have exhibited the finest traditions of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

W. Bro Ian then thanked the Lodge members by saying, “I’m grateful for you allowing me and the Provincial delegation to play a small part in your celebration here this afternoon. It fills me with tremendous happiness that you are marking this milestone with an initiation.  As we acknowledge the past this allows us to look to the future, and with Lodges like Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698 in our Province, we will grow in strength and numbers both now and for our future generations.”

Richmond Hill Lodge members now look forward to the future with a growing membership and a positive outlook with all the challenges this may hold for Freemasonry.

A few on the Lodge Members with WBro Ian Ferguson on the 75th Anniversary of the Lodge

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