Richmond Hill Lodge



Richmond Hill Lodge was consecrated on 20 September 1948 and can trace its history back to the oldest Lodge in the Masonic Province of Middlesex which was the Lodge of Harmony Number 255 founded in 1785. 

To put this longevity of Middlesex Freemasonry into perspective, it extends through the reign of no less than 9 Monarchs.

At the formation of the Lodge, National Service was still a public requirement, The National Health Service was in its first year and The Railways were Nationalised.

Records show that at its consecration the original Lodge members were drawn from a wide range of Trades, Professions and Services.   That mix of men continues to exist in the Lodge membership today and brings with it the interesting mix of diversity, life experiences and skills.  Several religions and nationalities are represented in the membership within a wide age spectrum.

The culture of the Lodge is friendly and welcoming.  We are friends and there is much companionship, encouragement and fun.

Richmond Hill Lodge always welcomes and embraces new members whether they are new to Freemasonry or already Freemasons.

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