Richmond Hill Lodge



Richmond Hill Lodge meets at Cole Court Masonic Centre, 150 London Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 1HD

Cole Court is very accessible being only a 5 minute walk from Twickenham Railway Station and is also served by local buses.

For those not partaking in alcohol a large car park forms part of the Centre.

The Centre has meeting rooms, dining areas and a large bar.

Cole Court is an old english country house that was converted into a Hotel in the 1940’s.¬†At that time there was a war going on and it was used by the American Servicemen as a place of refuge and on many occasions the largest Temple in the building was used as a Dance Hall.

The Freemasons of Middlesex privately own the building and land surrounding it, it is used Monday to Saturday by all the members as their Club and Meeting place.

The Centre is  open from 9am to 11pm Monday through to Saturday and sometimes Open on a Sunday for other Special Occasions or for Sunday Lunch.

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