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Charity – SPEAR

Richmond Hill Lodge No 6698

On 21st September the Lodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary at Cole Court Masonic Centre. At a previous meeting the brethren decided, after having receiving £750.00 from the Middlesex Masonic Charity that two donation to Charities would be made. £375 to each. The Charities chosen by the members were local charities: SPEAR and THE VINYARD.

At the meeting WBro Peter Geldhill PGStdB, from the MMC made a presentation of the Cheques and plaques for both charities, which were received by the lodge Chairty Steward WBro Graham Cooley PPrAGDC, after a short delay both the cheques and the plaque were presented to each Charity on Thursday 2nd November 23.

SPEAR is a local homelessness charity in South West London which has an office based in Twickenham, supporting local people to rebuild their lives away from the streets. They build communities in which everyone has a place to call home and provide the help needed to lead a fulfilling life. They recognise that homelessness is much more than just a housing issue, so they provide a range of accommodation and support services to help people reach their full potential. The link on their You Tube channel SPEAR – YouTube, you can find further information which may be interesting and inspiring. The Lodge will also try to support the Christmas Present Campaign to ensure each homeless person will receive a gift this Christmas, further information can be found advertised at Cole Court on the notice board. WBro Graham Cooley and Robert McLintock met with the Senior Fundraiser Bruce Warman to present the cheque and plaque to the charity at their office in Twickenham.

WBro Graham Cooley Bruce Warman WBro Robert McLintock

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